The Basics Of Web Design And Development

The Basics Of Web Design And Development

When designing a website, there are a number of things you need to consider including the look, functionality and usability. Inside of that are even more design features that you need to consider. We will look at the basics of designing a simple but beautiful website.

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Web Development | Planning Your Site

Planning your site is an important step before you start coding

Before you start building your site in html it’s always a good idea to plan your site through sketches and drawings to start to develop your ideas. Getting your ideas down on paper will help give you a better idea of what will work and what won’t. It’s not the full picture of course, but it allows you to develop an understanding of the site and what you want to include on it. It can also be useful to brainstorm your ideas with your co-workers as this will introduce new elements that you may not have thought of. They may also have other areas of expertise and are able to add new and exciting features to your website.

Website Functionality And Usability

Make sure people are able to use your website to its potential

When designing a website, you need to look at a number of different things, one of those being usability and functionality. You need to know how to make a website work for your users. A website with good usability will keep customers coming back to your site. Responsive design is a big part of usability and functionality, giving people the ability to look at your site across a number of different devices is integral to most websites, with a lot of traffic now coming through phones and tablets. Also making a site usable and readable in a more general sense. Colour and typography while big elements in the design of a website also need to be readable and easy to see. Breadcrumb your pages and make your website easy to navigate. Making your information easy to navigate will mean your users won’t miss the information they are looking for. An example might be not having your contact information readily available for the user or hiding pages that the user might have used previously. Understanding what your users are looking for and providing that information readily and accessibly will mean your customers have a good experience on your site.

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Website Design | Design Elements Of The Web

What sorts of thing should you be looking to include on your site?

Website Layout

The most important part of designing a website is the layout. Depending on what you want from your website this can vary. It’s good to have a look at a few websites with a similar theme to yours and develop them to suit your ideas. The layout is something you should consider closely and is very much linked with usability and functionality. Colour is a good way to define different spaces and elements and it’s good to keep a balance between space used and white space.

Images And Graphics

Images and graphics are extremely important to the look and feel of your site. They add another element to the design of your page, making the site more visually appealing to your audience. When you think about it a site would be very dull without images to add colour and visuals. You need to make sure you incorporate images into the layout of the page and balance the images with text on the page.


Using colour on a website is a very basic idea. But making the colour look good on your page is something that people get wrong all too often. Using colour theory and colour wheels is important to the development of your page. This will help you better understand how to incorporate colour into your site and will mean that colours on your page don’t clash.

Typography And Text

Text and typography of a page can be another exciting element to your page. Making sure text is readable in website design is your number one priority. This doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it, with a number of readable but beautiful font available to use. As some computers and browsers are unable to read all fonts, you need to consider your fonts right down to the simplest level.

dFound’s Approach To Web Design

Get your web design done by the professionals

At dFound we develop beautiful webpages for a number of different industries and companies. We place a high emphasis on making usable, functional and beautiful websites that guarantee leads and sales. When considering a full package, we also make sure your website can be found online, constantly working on your site to develop it into a fully functional sales machine. When considering web design, making sure a site is found on the major search engines is often at the back of a designer’s mind. This is where we offer a difference, combining design and SEO to make you site fully functional.

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