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How Can You Be Found Online? | Online Advertising In Australia

Find out how you can be found online though SEO and Web Design techniques used by professionals. Be Found Online in Bondi, Coogee, Town Hall, Broadway, Glebe, Newtown, Manly, Cronulla, Sutherland, St George, Bankstown

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The struggle for online dominance | How to get your website to stand out from the crowd

Getting your website found online can be an extremely challenging process and it can often take a number of years to get your website ranking well on the major search engines. Google’s algorithm for search results remains a mystery with even Google themselves not fully aware of everything that the algorithm takes into account. Even so there are ways that you can ensure your website gets found in the digital world.

Explaining Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation can be a difficult concept for many, especially with companies charging so much

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a process where by applying certain elements to your site, you can get it to rank higher on Google’s organic results. It is about attempting to solve Googles algorithm through various methods that appear to work. A lot of SEO is still guess work, as no one truly knows what Google’s algorithm is. However the results speak for themselves with many webmasters and SEO specialists seemingly finding the formula to shooting up Google’s rankings. With a number of business vying for the same position, companies are turning to these specialists to get an edge. As SEO is an internet marketing strategy, more and more, we are seeing marketers and advertisers entering into this profession.

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How are Advertisers and Marketers using Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

There are a number of good things that come out of ranking highly on Googles organic search rankings. People are more likely to click on these organic results than ad’s, with the organic results being viewed as more trustworthy. Seeing this businesses and advertisers now place a much higher emphasis on ranking in Google’s organic results. Marketers see this as a great way to promote businesses they represent, with big companies often being found for the most popular search terms. An example of this would be searching “bank” in google and seeing the first few results. The highest ranked will have the best SEO for the term “bank” but may be outranked for other terms such as “Australian bank”. The key to marketing SEO is knowing what your customers will search to find you.

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How dFound can help your business be found online

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